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Jo Hermans

Music has been the unwavering guideline throughout the life of Jo Hermans (°1984). From an early age he combined different musical genres: he won the soloist prize at the prestigious National Brassband Championships while remaining active in the jazz scene, and realised a crossover project with his jazz quartet and the Flemish Radio Choir.

He acquired his degree in classical music at the Royal Conservatory Antwerp and jazz at the Amsterdam School of Arts (Bert Joris, Jan Oosthof, Ruud Breuls).

Due to the combination of both classical and jazz studies, Jo is much in demand as studio artist and live performer, both as section player and soloist. This has resulted in a wide range of collaborations over the past years: Metropole Orkest, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Daan, Jef Neve, dEUS, .... His other passion is songwriting. In 2012 he was commissioned by Radio 1 (Belgium) to write a song for Marcel Vanthilt. Since then he has been commissioned to write for many artists.

Jo has been teaching trumpet at the Music Academies of Herentals and Borgerhout since 2010.