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F.D'AGINCOURT Suite 1T/3 Duo

Etienne Leuridan


F.D'AGINCOURT Suite 1T/4 Duo

Etienne Leuridan

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Organroxx Music is looking for a new sound. We give young talented musicians the opportunity to show off their talents. However, less young artists are welcome too. The main issue is to tell an interesting story. At the moment we recorded already several productions. They will be for sale soon. Sign up our newsletter and stay in touch..

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Händel organ Concerti

Organ concerti from G.F.Händel played in an energetic way with Bart Rodyns and his Euterpe Baroque Consort. Ester van der Eijk is the soloist in a viola concerto.

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Gunnar Idenstam & Double Beats

Together with the percussionists Ni Fan and Lukas Böhm Gunnar Idenstam is looking for meditation through folk chords and exotic sounds on the big 1961 Pels organ in Hoogstraten.

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Jean-Luc Thellin - J.S.Bach Organ Works 02

Jean-Luc Thellin will record in 2018 music from J.S.Bach only on the big Thomas-organs of Ciboure and  Wissembourg (FRA). Great music on great organs played by a great musician. Something to look forward to!

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J.S.Bach - Clavierübung III

Famous organist Bart Jacobs and the big Draps/Flentrop organ (BEL Sint-Niklaas) are the winning team for this magnum opus from Johann Sebastian Bach.

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J.S.Bach transcriptions

Transcribing famous organ works from J.S.Bach is just one of the many talents of Wouter Dekoninck. Wouter is playing the 1714 Penceler organ (BEL Leuven) and conducting his Hildebrandt Consort creating a new and unique sound with well-known compositions.