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W.FAULKES Festmarsch op. 128/1

Clarence Eddy

CHE Seewen, Museum für Musikautomaten: M.Welte 1914/M.Welte c1920/Kuhn 2007 [II P 36]


J.JONGEN Sonata Eroica op. 94

John Scott Whiteley


M.REGER Sonate D min op. 60

Bernhard Haas



Erik Simmons

Complete Bach on Silbermann organs

Thanks to the generous donation of Anne den Hartigh we can sell 4 of those beautiful boxes containing 19 SACDs. The eminent organists Ewald Kooiman, Ute Gremmel-Geuchen, Gerhard Gnann and Bernhard Klapprott play Bach's complete organ works on the amazing Silbermann organs.

But when Organroxx gets a present we love to share it with you. In stead of selling them at the usual 179€ we offer them at the discount price of 125€!

So, treat yourself and support the free Organroxx Radio at the same time.

Only 125€, shipping included, more info here

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