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C.FRANCK Sonata A maj M. 8/2 Allegro

Jan Van Landeghem

BEL Oostende, Sint-Petrus-en-Pauluskerk: Schyven 1907/Flentrop 2000 [III P 43]


C.FRANCK Sonata A maj M. 8/3 Recitativo-Fantasia

Jan Van Landeghem

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C.FRANCK Sonata A maj M. 8/1 Allegretto ben moderato

Jan Van Landeghem

J.S.Bach Organ Works 03

Jean-Luc Thellin is playing virtuoso works of J.S.Bach on the big Cattiaux organ of Saint Rémy in Reims (F). This time Jean-Luc was looking for the French influences in Bach's music. Impressive!

Dialogue sur les jeux d'anches à Grimaud

Surprise yourself with the amazing sound of Brice Montagnoux, organ, en Eva Villegas, clarinet. Brice is blending the Pascal Quoirin organ in Grimaud (F) with the lush sound of the Selmer clarinet of Eva. Pure joy!


Folia Organologica is a reviewed, international annual journal, concerned with pipe organs and organ music. It is a continuation of a non-periodical editorial series Silesian organs, initiated in 2007 by the Department of Musicology of the University of Opole and the Diocesan Institute of Church Music in Opole, which resulted in five volumes of studies on that subject. The annual presents original academic papers, mostly concerning organ building, its history and organ music performance. The periodical also includes reviews of books, journals and CDs, reports of organ study conferences, and an overview of festivals and organ concerts. The journal also provides an international forum for debate and the exchange of views related to pipe organs. Read more...

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Jan Van Landeghem 65 met Johann Sebastian Bach


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