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M.DURUFLE Prélude & Fugue Sur le Nom D'Alain op.7/1 Prélude

Marie-Claire Alain

DEU Bamberg, Konzerthaus, Joseph-Keilberth-Saal: Georg Jann 1993 op. 193 [IV P 74]


M.DURUFLE Prélude & Fugue Sur le Nom D'Alain op.7/2 Fugue

Marie-Claire Alain


L.VIERNE Symphonie 4 op. 32/5 Final

Marie-Claire Alain


C.FRANCK Choral 2

Marie-Claire Alain

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We put again a lot organs in the picture: from Spain to The Netherlands, from France through Switserland to Germany.

We focus also on composers and organists. We celebrate the birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach but remember also the deaths of Peter Hurford and Bram Beekman.

We present you new recordings from Dominique Dantand and Kensuke Ohira.

And we have special playlists around 4 hands + 4 feet, the British label Regent Records and International Women's Day.

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Noel Rawsthorne 1 jaar overleden en het 1894 Sauer orgel te Bremen (D), Sankt Petri-Dom


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