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an overview

Dear listener, 

Here you find a short overview for coming August. Many beautiful playlists are waiting for you. Enjoy!

1-2-3 news

3 radio channels

During 2020 the technical possibilities of Organroxx Radio have grown to such an extent that we can offer you no less than 3 (!) radio channels.

Besides Organroxx Radio, the classical organ radio, there are now two theme channels.

This has the big advantage that you can switch from one radio channel to another as it suits you best. 

We present you all playlists for all channels in a easy way.

Organroxx Freestream has the same playlist as Organroxx Radio but is regularly interrupted by advertisements.

In short, Organroxx now offers you the opportunity to triple your joy!

Organroxx Radio



  • The classical organ radio without advertisements
  • Thematic playlists with the most beautiful organs
  • You'll hear the latest CDs here first

Bach Radio



  • Organ music of the Bach family only
  • Nearly 20,000 "Bach" tracks online
  • On Sunday you hear the Bach cantata for the year

Divine Radio



  • Organ and choral music
  • Follows the liturgical calendar
  • Bach cantatas on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday

New player

If you are listening via your computer, tablet or smartphone, the new and user-friendly player offers you much more info by clicking on the 5 tabs.

Playlist: gives you a quick overview of the last 2 played tracks, the current one and the 15 following ones. A handy preview!

Organ: location, builder, year, number of manuals and stops. This will be expanded in the future with hopefully a picture too.

Composer: additional information about place and date of birth, place and date of death.

Artist: additional information about place and date of birth, place and date of death.

Recording: additional info with album title, label and IDs, date of recording and date of release.

In the future there will be an extra tab about the composition: key, date of composition, date of first edition, dedicated to, ...

Listening to Organroxx is so much more!



Every day Organroxx reflects not only on the birthdays of organists and composers, but also on their deaths.

This smart overview can be found on the homepage.

In this way Organroxx wants to become the memory of the organ world. Of course we do not have the necessary information from everyone. Feel free to help via and our impressive database will get even more complete. Thanks!

We need your support!

38€ per year, that's 1 coffee per month or less than 11 cents per day, that's what we need from you to finance our running costs.

Do support Organroxx and ensure the future of this unique platform in the organ world. You will get a lot in return!

Yeah, I'm helping! What do I need to do?


Don't miss!

Odoo - Voorbeeld 2 voor drie kolommen

01 08 Swiss National Day

The Swiss organists are now in the spotlight: Lionel Rogg, Guy Bovet, François Delor, Ursula Hauser, Pascal Pilloud, ...

Odoo - Voorbeeld 1 voor drie kolommen

20 08 St. Stephen's day

Hungarian organists only fill the playlist: Zsigmond Szathmáry, Joseph Kelemen, István Ella, Kapitány Dénes, János Sebestyén, ...

Odoo - Voorbeeld 2 voor drie kolommen

The organists of Saint-Augustin, Saint-Clotilde and La Madeleine

On August 2, 9 and 23 we present the organists/composers of the Paris churches of Saint-Augustin, Saint-Clotilde and La Madeleine. A bit of holiday feeling doesn't harm!