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Organroxx promotes the impressive heritage of the organ worldwide for free. One can not deny it is difficult for the organ to play an important role in the 21st century. Organroxx Radio is delivering 24/7 worldwide free organ music. This is great news for all organ lovers but also for all organists. They get a free stage to present themselves and their talents. Organroxx is the community for organ lovers, organists, organ builders and concert organisations. 

Organroxx is more than just broadcasting organ music. It gives young and talented organist the chance to make their (first) recording launching their career. Organroxx takes care of everything from the first ideas about concept until the launch of the final product. And of course is Organroxx Radio the ideal way to promote worldwide the recordings of those young artists. 

In short, Organroxx is responsible for a big project in favour of on one side the impressive organ culture and on the other side the next generation of organ lovers, organists and organ builders. With this vision Organroxx is the best guarantee for the organ playing an important role in the 21st century.

Because our project is approved by the King Baudouin Foundation your donations are tax deductable. You find more details here.

Odoo - Voorbeeld 1 voor drie kolommen

Odoo - Voorbeeld 2 voor drie kolommen
Odoo - Voorbeeld 3 voor drie kolommen