Time and its Passing FLAC 96 KHZ - 2CH

Time and its Passing FLAC 96 KHZ - 2CH

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Time and its Passing

Max Barley

Track name Track composer(s) Track artist(s) Orgel info
J.TAVENER O do not move
Tavener, John 1944-2013 Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
T.TALLIS Thou wast, O God, and thou wast blest
Tallis Thomas 1505-1585 Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
G.JACKSON To Morning
Jackson Gabriel 1962- Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
TRADITIONAL The Three Ravens
Traditional Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
A.PÄRT Nunc dimittis
Pärt Arvo 1935- Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
G.FINZI Haste on, my joys!
Finzi, Gerald 1901-1956 Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
Z.KODALY Evening Song
Kodály, Zoltán 1883-1967 Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
A.PÄRT Which was the son of...
Pärt Arvo 1935- Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
W.BYRD Diliges Dominum
Byrd William 1543-1623 Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
O.GIBBONS What is our life_
Gibbons Orlando 1583-1625 Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
T.RECKNELL Ozymandias
Recknell, Thomas Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
A.CRUFT These hours
Cruft, Adrian Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
H.G.LEY A prayer of King Henry VI
Ley, Henry George 1887-1962 Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
H.HOWELLS Even, such is time
Howells Herbert 1892-1983 Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
B.ROWARTH The Evening Watch
Rowarth, Benjamin Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
T.TALLIS Miserere nostri
Tallis Thomas 1505-1585 Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
C.H.H.PARRY Music when soft voices
Parry Charles Hubert Hastings 1848-1918 Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
T.L.DE VICTORIA Lux aeterna from Requiem a6
de Victoria, Tomás Luis Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) -
J.S.BACH B Minor Mass/ Et incarnatus est
Bach Johann Sebastian 1685-1750 Max Barley, Rodolfus Choir (R.Allwood) GBR London, Church of Saint John the Evangelist, Upper Norwood: T.C.Lewis & Co. 1882/Harrison & Harrison 1999 [III P 35]