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W.A.MOZART Allegro KV 525

Roberto Cognazzo

ITA Tavigliano, Chiesa della SS.Trinità e S.Carlo: Giovanni Bruna c1795/Amedeo Ramasco 1839


V.PETRALI Andante Pastorale

Walter Savant-Levet


L.DELIBES Coppélia/ Valse

Roberto Cognazzo


P.MASCAGNI Guglielmo Ratcliff/ Sogno

Roberto Cognazzo

J.S.Bach's muse is back again

For the first time ever Organroxx recorded a clavichord build by Joris Potvlieghe according to the descriptions of Jacob Adlung in his "Musica Mechanica Organoedi" from 1726. Adlung was himself a pupil of Johann Nicolaus Bach, an organist & builder of keyboard instruments and second cousin of Johann Sebastian Bach. Johann Nicolaus lived only 20 kilometers from Weimar where Johann Sebastian and Johann Gottfried Walther were active.

We do know that J.S.Bach loved to play the clavichord, he used it also for teaching and to try out his compositions. Peter Waldner plays on this fantastic instrument virtuoso compositions like the Toccata's, a French Suite and the Sonata in d minor.

Maar luister alvast naar alle tracks en oordeel zelf of kijk naar de trailer! De opname is beschikbaar als cd en download. Een origineler kerstcadeau is moeilijk te vinden! 

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Noel Rawsthorne 1 jaar overleden en het 1894 Sauer orgel te Bremen (D), Sankt Petri-Dom


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