A new webdesign

Another big improvement for Organroxx!

Organroxx is very happy with his new website designed by Sebastian Smulders (www.seesaw.be) and build by Nexar. 

The biggest improvement is the new player that jumps out your browser the moment you start the radio. It is very convenient to keep an eye on the tracks being broadcasted and working on the computer at the same time. Compared to the previous player this one shows you much more information about the track. Of course the player displays the name of the artist, title and composer but also it shows from now on the cover, the location of the organ, the organ builder(s) and the amount of manuals and stops. You can imagine it's getting even more interesting to listen to Organroxx Radio!

Organroxx is a digital platform growing day by day. For the moment one can not search in our huge music library. You can't pick your favourite music either. This will be the next step for us to develop. Give us some time, we're getting there.

We want to cover our monthly costs by putting ads on our homepage. You can have your ad on our homepage from 3€/day. Do support us and expand your business at the same time. For more information mail to Nico, nico@organroxx.com.

Odoo tekst en afbeelding blok